West of Paris serves a cheese cart with a variety of cheeses. The cheeses will change from time to time, but below you will find the cheeeses that are most commonly available.

Roquefort: Roquefort is a sheep's cheese from Roquefort France. It is very creamy, and saltier than the typical bleu. It is most often eaten with bread. Enjoying Roquefort with some good butter on your bread will mellow the strength of this rugged cheese from a rugged land.

Morbier: Morbier is a French cow cheese from the Comte region of France. It is recognized by the layer of ash down the center, which seperates the morning and evening milk. In the past, the farms of Comte were small and scattered far apart. They therefore didn't have enough milk from a morning's milking to fill the vats all the way up. So they would sprinkle wood ash over the top of the cheese to keep the crust from forming, and then add the evening milk on top of that. Morbier is a semi-soft, very zesty cheese, and has a country taste to it.

Etorki: Etorki is a Sheep's cheese from the Basque region, which is located in the western Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. It is a very mellow cheese with a smooth texture which will melt in your mouth.

More of our cheeses coming soon!